What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW? What is your vision of participation in ABW?

Open Call

Nations, religions, workplaces, classes, families or couples – our world is dominated by social groupings that have one thing in common: if we don’t belong to them automatically, we are pushed into them. Nation-states, capitalism and other power structures lock us into unbearable social bubbles beyond the boundaries of which maintaining contacts – let alone ties – is extremely difficult. And even if we manage to get out of any of them, we often encounter a relationship-desert. There are very few alternatives to the mainstream coercive communities, and those that do exist are just another bubble – and often not much better from the rest. All of this imbues us with a toxic attachment to (self-)destructive forms of human togetherness – we simply have no other options. Staying in those bubbles makes any radical reimagining of our relations completely impossible.

We want to turn this bookfair into an impulse to get a taste of being with others in a radically different way; to try to defy what we’ve been assigned to and pushed into. Instead of creating another bubble, let’s collectively get out, at least for a moment, of all the social vicious circles. Move beyond who we are on a daily basis in this gendered, class- and age-divided society, and together step out into a radically open space, rich in potential relationships and bonds. Feel that it’s possible to be together differently. This is where action against the existing reality often begins, and this is what we need to deal with the devastating effects of hegemonic communities: ongoing ecocide, wars, states and so much more

In this process – both the preparations and the bookfair itself – we’d like not to assume anything about who we are, why we’re co-making it and, finally, why we’re attending it. Each step of this process is first of all meant to help us just encounter each other, and then do something with it!; feel the possibilities and potential that come out of this togetherness of ours, and to be able to weave something interesting out of it: something greater than us in which we see ourselves – while remaining autonomous – and feel that more is possible because of it.

Maybe even turning the world upside down.

And so we incite all to contribute something that can be a flash point for such communitization, breaking us out of our roles, allowing us to truly meet, and take it in interesting directions. Various folx already demonstrated that a forest or a criminal irrigation reservoir may be such a flash point; for us it could be a shared space, skills, zines, art, stories, conversations and knowledge. Let us then think about how all of this – and anything else we can enrich the event with – can be used to escape or destroy the limitations of our society (because it surely somehow can!), and let’s conduct a large-scale experiment in communitization.

An experiment that will spark others,
beyond the boundaries of countries,
social groups and milieus.

For autonomy and different togetherness!

What? Where? When?


A fair that we will fill with art, radical (anti-)political literature, interesting encounters and everything else that will draw us into a common space. Free admission and entry!


In PROZA club, Tajne Komplety bookstore and in Księgarnia Hiszpańska
…and that’s not all! take a look at our map!


2nd – 3rd September 2023
Saturday: 13:00-19:00
Sunday: 11:00-17:00
On Saturday, the space will be open for preparations at 12:00, you’re welcome to come by!

Want to do something during the bookfair?

an event…

…create the soundtrack?…

…or something else?


This is an invitation to complicity; to create this bookfair not „with us,” – with some collective – but as the same part of a broader „we,” as the one writing these words, with a sense of truly being a part of the event. „We” is first and foremost a promise that this section will grow, along with the bookfair’s richness.

(This list will be regularly updated)


I simply enjoy creating and learning new techniques and new kinds of handicrafts, so you can find a wide variety of things at my stand: stickers with frogs, fish, pigeons and more, clay products – mainly badges and incense holders (with mushrooms, for example), crocheted things and zines – at the moment I have one finished zine „Krakowskie Obsrajuchy” [„Krakow shitters”] about Krakow pigeons, and I’m working on two more: one about the experiences of millenials trying to graduate from college and start work as the pandemic begins, and another about the Krakow area.


We’re a manufacturing anarchocooperative. We build infrastructure and know-how for economic zones free from capitalism and (almost) the state.
We exhibit agitprop and educational artifacts (in the form of printed refrigerator magnets, 3D prints and other technical products).
We share thoughts and practical experience of creating the Artel and an artel — we help with setting it up. artel.tepewu.pl

I am an illustrator, I create works inspired by folk and folk horror. I participated in the previous edition of this zinefest. This year I also plan to print works with anti-clerical and body-positive themes.


We make zines, we have screen-printed and riso graphics. In September we plan to have a total of four publications, a package of posters and graphics, some ceramics with our drawings. Topics range is huge: there’s something about the pernicious effects of drugs, pure fun with form, a thing about dreaming, a crime comic and a utopian story about the year 2050 in Poznan.
Daniel Gutowski, illustrator, man of comics, member of the Mashin group. He will appear at the stand in duo with @martamartatomiak as TOGU. You’ll find his old and new prints and also the last pieces of his Hoshi comic printed on Riso, found after many years.


Club de Bridge create fanzines, illustrations and stickers about the intersectionnal fights that gather queer emancipation, anticapitalism and radical ecology. Club de Bridge creative process always includes participarory dynamics, involving political collectives and/or inhabitants. Through workshops, installations and exchanges of knowledge, we gather different political perspectives and try to turn them into texts and images… that could disseminate and create a community of thoughts and action. The Club is half in Berlin and half in the French countryside.


Nieczytelne (Illegibles) is a translational, editorial, theoretical, distribution and publishing project – and probably something else. We are doing it guerrilla-style, with what we’ve got, focusing on what many might find new, provocative, radical or iconoclastic – anarchic but not only. We’re based in Poland, but aspire to make a global impact.
And so we work with post-leftist, postanarchist, ultra-leftist, anti-civ texts and any others that push the boundaries of what is (anti-)politically imaginable. We set a course towards a constant radicalisation of ideas, actions and form, so that we never become complacent.


We are 3 queer French friends who gathered into a collective: Zines in the living room.
We make zines with everything at hands: our rage, our passions, our puns, and lots of trial & errors. We navigate between personal projects and collective activism. On our table, you can find DIY tutorials, queer posters, zines about love and death that will make you giggle, the story of a zombie dog and a lot more.
Part of our content is in French, but we also have a big part of it being translated into English, or being just illustrations.
We are also part of the Queer Zinefest Berlin orga team and are working on a zine festival in Paris.


Bored Wolves is an independent publisher based in Kraków and Beskid Wyspowy, run by Stefan Lorenzutti and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti. We’re dedicated to publishing poet’s books, artist’s books, zines, and comix (many of our books blend and overlap these categories). We work with poets and artists from a dozen countries (from Poland to Pakistan), across languages, borders, and mediums. Publishing for us is about curiosity, community, and the evergreen potential of printed matter.


we translate and publish short texts, articles and essays. we take aim at the systems, tacit assumptions and mechanisms hiding under the cloak of daily routine, and we want to expose them, make possible their analysis on our own terms to anyone willing to do so


Wolna Oficyna Wydawnicza (the Free Publishing House) is a new independent initiative in the spirit of DIY, dedicated to the translation and publication of books whose common denominator is the redefinition, sabotage and subversion of oppressive social, cultural, economic and political mechanisms.
Our first publication, which we want to present during ABW 2023, is a Polish translation of the mini-book/maxi-brochure „What is anarchist music?”, originally published by Active Distribution and Black Fox Boox. You will also be able to get anti-authoritarian stickers in pixel art aesthetics from us.


I crochet and draw all things queer, anarchist, among others. I’m raising money for the treatment of my cat Jacek, who is a wonderful dude.


I am a third-year student of graphic design at UP in Krakow, my main interests are comics, reading as well as creating, and games. As for my artistic activities, it is mainly the creation of zines and comics, illustration and activities in the field of digital graphics. At my stand you will be able to see my previous publications and projects. I value the form of self-publishing, which is why I do all the steps in the creation stage with my own hands, from the idea to printing and typesetting.


Hey, we are two Justynas: one creates comic book zines and the other creates art zines, mostly in screen printing technique. We intend to bring about 6 different zines, in addition to them we want to sell linocuts, screen prints, digital prints in A3, A4, postcards and lots of stickers!


Anti-fascist and grassroots coloring books (and more) available to be colored on the spot, while thematically meeting our needs. I deeply believe in artistic recreation if it serves individuals. Many people however don’t know it yet, or don’t have the opportunity to discover it. Hence the idea of a chill stand, where one could color a picture for oneself, photocopy it, take it home, and get to know each other during such an activity.
You can also can buy colored pictures that were created in the same way – while relaxing and helping you to focus on listening to a lecture, book, etc.


As Rozkwity I make smoking blends from local herbs, powder mixes or twisted cigs that are less shitty than those from big tobacco companies, besides I can offer prints of various engaged illustrations, stickers and screen-printed t-shirts. And if we manage to finish the second issue of ecofemizin, the theme of which is resistance, and it will be available in paper then I can also take it with me.


Hi, my name is Ilde B. and I’m Spanish, but I’ve been living in Krakow for several years. I’ve been organizing the KRK Zine Fest since 2021. I create zines and experimental comics on topics such as loneliness, depression or hyper-connectivity through a mix of classic comics language and abstraction.


Paper Jam is an anarchist printing collective. We will bring books, zines, buttons, and T-shirts about all kinds of topics viewed from an anarchist perspective which we have made ourselves. We will also bring a lot of stickers to spread around.


We are an anarchist library in Wroclaw. At our distro we will have some library gadgets (mugs, notebooks, bookmarks) and books we have published: „Anarcho-syndicalism” by Rudolf Rocker and „The Land That Doesn’t Surrender” under our editorship, as well as anarchist magazines (Inny Świat, Alerta 161) and some single copies on anarchist topics from other publications. We also have a small distro of Papier w Dole.


We represent our queer printing and art cooperative. At our stand you will be able to find works that have come out of the hands of our fellows. These will include linocuts, posters, stickers, figurines, prints, notebooks, brochures and zines. We cover DIY, various printing techniques including fine art printing.


Zines, postcards, posters and other things with furries from the forest who missed the opportunity to take part in the Family Feud, and recently discovered that there are much cooler family gatherings organized. This is not a private project, we are more than one animal :*.


Oldy spells conjured through backwood art on paper, wood, leather.
That is, some collages, words and graphics from the heart straight from the wilds of the Sandomierz Forest.
Ethnorite is a one-person art project created in 2018, initially focused on tattoo art and printmaking (linocuts). The underlying assumption behind the creation of this project, was to spread knowledge in the field of ethnographic research on the folklore of the Lasowiak people and any, other borderland communities. Also those that are actively struggling with the loss of their own living identity as a result of globalization, acculturation or fascist and colonialist policies of nation-states. It is also a far-reaching critique of the Western status quo, seeking new forms of „rootedness” – without masters, parsons and economists.
At the stand you will mainly find graphic designs that refer to indigenous movements (Indigenous anarchism), the pre-Christian Slavic world of everyday magic, ethnic tattoo designs, DIY handmade paper, wooden products and also stories and spells straight from the forest, deer and wolf paths.
That is, anything that stirs controversy and stimulates thought.
Old gods, no masters.


I create comics and zines, trying to maintain both sincerity and peculiarity. At my stand You’ll find comics about humor, sci-fi, fabricated biographies and so on. I’m a big fan of zines and other DIY forms, so I try to print assemble my publications myself. I will also have my friends’ zines with me.


We are some people who are active in the AZ Hafermarkt and we want to make a stall with slush ice for donation and some DJ live sets (if it’s possible with the volume). The donations are for the AZ Hafermarkt.

How did the AZ Hafermarkt emerge? Cis-male dominated spaces, old and frozen structures,… The AZ Hafermarkt was born out of the will to change exactly this – a diverse, young group from the left, anarchist scene wanted to create a place that is shaped according to emancipatory, feminist principles and opposes the patriarchal society. In August 2022, the queer-anarchafeminist AZ Hafermarkt arose!
What kind of barriers does the AZ Hafermarkt have to fight against? Unfortunately, it was clear from the beginning that the AZ and the emancipatory ideas behind it would also face opposition. Some people (especially cis men) blame the AZ Hafermarkt for its sole existence. In addition, the AZ Hafermarkt has already been attacked several times and has always been in a constant state of threat. But we don’t get intimidated by all this and it only shows again how important it is to create free spaces, like the AZ Hafermarkt, especially for marginalized groups!
What is going on in the AZ Hafermarkt? The AZ Hafermarkt is supposed to be a place where people can come together, freely shape the space, events and everyday life, exchange ideas and spend time together as well as further developing political discourses. In the AZ Hafermarkt everything from parties and concerts to political lectures take place and the rooms are self-managed by groups and individuals.

@azhafermarkt az-hafermarkt.org

Mailorder since 2003 💣💥
Black Mosquito is a not-for-profit mailorder with a focus on anarchist / emancipatory / radical leftist ideas & practices and comes from the small town of Flensburg.
BM sees itself as a 'digital info shop’ – which means that the collective is open to many currents and ideas. But there are clearly limits to the range of products.
We work as a collective and all the workers put different amounts of time and different ideas into the project.
We come to the book fair with an assortment of books, brochures, buttons, stickers, posters, patches and some clothes. Our focus for our table this time will be abortion rights, feminism, queer, trans*, no border, antifa and anarchism.


Distribution of anarchist propaganda, books, zines, posters, patches.


I have been creating ceramics and linocuts for a few years now. I often sell linocuts to support various organizations, such as strike unions in France or organizations fighting for abortion rights in Poland. At my stand, I will mainly have linocuts about sweet nostalgia and anger.


A new initiative of various cooperating anticapitalist, autonomous, anarchist and (non-Bolshevik) communist groups from Hungary. They publish their own content on different sites, but seek to develop a common platform for publishing pamphlets and zines about the Hungarian situation, and more broadly, a „common path” forward. Some of the groups contributing to the project are:


We are an informal non-hierarchical a-few-person-anarcho-queer self-help collective. That is to say: a group of young non-cis, non-hetero and queer people sit in a one-room flat or a squat and, in their spare time from studying and working, are dedicated to supporting those whom the system fails the most: both each other and the complete strangers who write to us every day asking for support. We have been operating under the banner of the Grupa Nieustającej Pomocy (Relentless Support Group in eng.) since the second half of 2020.
What do we do?
Direct support from queer people to queer people. Any queer person can write to us, talk to us and get support, the scope of which we determine individually each time, respecting the needs and boundaries of the person, so that none of you ever walk alone.
What can you expect at our stand?
Conversations about our work and our community, brainstorming about activism in general, needs and possible solutions through which we can create stronger networks and be able to provide you with more effective support 🙂
We also invite you to consult on possible assistance, if you can’t get together to write to us, this is your moment, we can catch each other live.
In addition to all that – zines, stickers and T-shirts!


Girls* to the Front is a feminist-queer project of Agata Wnuk and Aleksandra Kaminska, operating in Warsaw since 2015. G*TTF organizes concerts, workshops, performances and discussions, hosts a radio show and – together with Magdalena Rzepecka – publishes a zine. Since 2021, together with editor Maria Halber, it also operates as a queer independent publishing house. So far, they have published: „Próba wyjścia z brzucha / Próba wejścia do brzucha” by Ada Rączka and Zofka Kofty (2021), „ACABADŁO z pieca spadło” by Łaja Szkło and Alin Szewczyk (2021), „Udawanie ludzi” by Maja Demska with illustrations by Filipka Rutkowska (2022), „Marzenie o byciu poziomką” by Ania Ziębinska with illustrations by Apollin-e Sigrist (2023) and the latest, bilingual (PL/ENG) position „…a Diablica gruchnie basem” by Siksa with illustrations by Łukasz Przytarski (July 2023). The main goal of Girls* to the Front is to build a community of girls, women, non-binary, trans and queer people – accessible, inspiring and supportive.


A publishing project experimenting with various unusual forms and peculiar design. „Cegły” (bricks) have already appeared in a cigarette box, on wafers, stamps, as a card game, on car magnets, stickers or anti-smog masks, presenting mainly poetry by contemporary authors of both younger and older generations.


Some of the people organizing ABWro had the opportunity to scrape some stuff from the very good people who are active on Turtle Island.
CrimethInc. is a transnational decentralized rebel network that has been publishing zines, books, articles and spreading subversive ideas by all other available means for more than 20 years.
Detritus Books, on the other hand, is a publishing project that publishes a variety of content, from Kropotkin’s escape memoirs to labor criticism to Alfredo Bonanno’s insurrectionary theory.
We don’t have much with us, but it’s something!


Programme of events


Hosted by: Wolna Oficyna Wydawnicza
Specifics: Presentation (30-45 min.) + discussion (10-15 min.)
Venue: Księgarnia Hiszpańska

Language: Polish (translated to English)

Emma Goldman’s famous statement „if I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution” is probably well known in the anarchist milieu and beyond. Nonetheless, the role of music, and culture more broadly, as a field of struggle against oppression by capitalism or the state, is still controversial.
There are accusations that can be classified as rather humorous, such as the excessive frivolity of certain musical genres, which allegedly does not befit „serious matters.” However, there are also some that are worth treating with a bit more thought, such as the co-opting of an anarchist aesthetic by mainstream music production, the „selling out” by underground-originated bands and other capitalism-connected dilemmas, such as those related to alienated labor, also present in the DIY scene, and the appropriation of radical messages by specific musical subcultures.
Can music then be anarchist? If so, what kind of music is it? Wolna Oficyna Wydawnicza invites you to reflect together around this topic during the presentation of the Polish translation of the book „What is anarchist music?”, originally published by Active Distribution and Black Fox Boox in 2020.

Specifics: A cluster discussion. It will take as long as needed, there is a time space of two hours for it.
Venue: Tajne Komplety
Language: Polish (translated to English)

A collective meeting of all those who have brought some new release to the Bookfair as part of their project, have recently published something new, or just want to chat with others about their publishing experiences. It’s a chance to introduce your (new) publications, talk about the publishing process and talk to others who also devote a large part of their lives to releasing zines, books, comics or anything else

Venue: Przejście Garncarskie
Language: Polish (translated to English)

Nitro Transfer is an unknown technique to many, and that’s a shame, because it’s an easy and inexpensive way to transfer your dream image onto virtually any flat surface. From fabric, wood, concrete and many others. If you want to reflect a specific design, bring it printed on a laser printer/xero in mirror reflection. Also bring the fabrics you want to reflect the design on, preferably natural fabrics like cotton. Feel free to explore this technique together!

Hosted by: a person from the #bibuła project
Venue: Księgarnia Hiszpańska
Language: Polish (translated to English)

The #bibuła project invites you to a short workshop on acquiring and disseminating digital books for free. How do we acquire and share free books? What is info-anarchism and why do we need it? We will try to answer these and other questions during this workshop.
#Bibuła is an infoanarchist project expropriating books and magazines, and making them available in so-called shadow libraries, i.e. libraries that violate intellectual property rights in the struggle for access to information. What does it mean to make a „bibuła”? It is an act of commoning texts or getting yourself 100% self-discount of texts for personal and grassroots use

Resources of the #bibuła project

Venue: PROZA club

A suggested hour of silence to take a break from all the stimuli: we turn off the music and try to make less noise. A moment for all of us to calm down, and for those of us who get overstimulated quickly, a good time to drop in on Bookfair!

Specifics: Presentation (40 min.) + discussion (20 min.)
Venue: Tajne Komplety
Language: English

Beginning with Emma Goldman and Gustav Landauer, up through the Frankfurt School, the Situationists and so-called „Postmodern” French philosophy, just to name a few, the touching points of Nietzschean thought and Anti-Authoritarian theory are plentiful.
But what is it, that has moved all of those thinkers and activists to look for answers in the works of a philosopher who calls anarchists „howling dogs” and takes socialists to be „herd people”?
To help answer this question, I will introduce you to core concepts of Nietzsche’s work, discuss criticisms and misunderstandings, and will give you a few pointers to start your own dialog with the man who said of himself „I am not a man, I am dynamite”.

Knowledge of philosophical language will be useful, but is not strictly necessary. The talk will last around 40 minutes, with additional 20 minutes for discussion.
The presentation will be in English.

Hosted by: Noah Brehmer
Specifics: Film screening (about 40 min.) + talk (20 min.) + discussion (20-30 min.)
Venue: Tajne Komplety
Language: film in Ukrainian (English subtitles), talk in English, discussion in English

We all know too well by now that the wars, crises, and catastrophes of empire are not only symptoms of a general decomposition, but also mark openings for the emergence of worlds beyond capital… ‘moments where one lives as if this world no longer existed’. Looting is one of the most clear expressions of these worlds in its absolute rejection of private property and the state. Sashko Protyah’s 100% OFF (2022) looks at looting movements in Mariupol during the Russian siege in 2022. The film addresses how the crisis of capitalist governance in Mariupol – but also across Ukraine – has led to a massive outgrowth of mutual-aid, looting and other practices that defy the holy laws of private property and profit; pointing to the path of communization as a practical living alternative to the peace time return of Neo-liberal rule.


Hosted by: Magda Czech (Czule Masuje)
Venue: ArtTransparent
Language: Polish (translated to English)

Queer, neuro-diverse people, those experiencing forced migration and others belonging to minority groups experience fatigue much more often than the political majority. Resting politically can become a form of resistance and emerge deep connections to the body, to society, to the world. The practice will be in the form of guided meditation in motion and will be adapted to the group’s capacity. Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movements. If you can, take a mat and blankie with you.

Venue: PROZA club

Just like the day before, we suggest an hour of silence to take a break from all the stimuli: we turn off the music and try to make less noise. A moment for all of us to calm down, and for those of us who get overstimulated quickly, a good time to drop in on Bookfair!

Hosted by: Marcin Kropotow
Specifics: Presentation (40 min.) + discussion (20 min.)
Venue: Tajne Komplety
Language: Polish (translated to English)

Hosted by: Otalia Łysakowska
Specifics: Presentation (40-45 min.) + discussion (15-20 min.)
Venue: Tajne Komplety
Language: Polish (translated to English)

State health care, managed like a private enterprise and embroiled in top-down controlled culture wars, creates crises in which grassroots self-help movements are essential for survival. In this landscape, one of the most resilient structures is the trans DIY movement – the off-the-grid transition of trans people.
In this talk, I will introduce trans DIY as an example of hacking into the structures of medicine and biotechnology. I will talk about the tactics adopted, methods of securing processes and obtaining a strict consensus in horizontal structures.