What is your vision of participation in ABW?

We have recently added more tools to the „take part” section that make it easier to shape ABW with us. First and foremost, it’s now much more accessible to submit a request to organize a side event during Bookfair, whatever it might be – whether a lecture, a discussion, a workshop, a film screening or anything else that hasn’t popped into our heads. Let this form serve you; and if for some reason it still wouldn’t be enough, we encourage you to just get back to us!

Besides, we have also created a Spotify playlist, which you can freely contribute to. Music is very important to us, and we know it is to many of you too; so let what we listen to during the event be the work of all of us.

And if you have any more ideas that we could make together, our email is at your disposal – just click on the button that links to it. We highly encourage you to do so!

We hope it will give you all a chance to feel that your influence on the shape of Bookfair is very tangible, even material. This is an important affect that can guide us in all (anti-)political activity, and in the case of building autonomy, perhaps even essential.