Benefit concerts for ABW

Before the bookfair opens in Proza, there will be music at CRK. The event is promising to be a big one, and as the organizational process is still underway, so it will only grow bigger. For now, it is known for sure that 3 bands will play for us: The Pau, Snakes Snakes Snakes and Trujące Kwiaty, but more are being prepared. We are very happy that your input has already had such a big impact on the shape of the benefit – Snakes Snakes Snakes will play for us only thanks to a recommendation from a Facebook comment, without which our paths would probably never have crossed.

We invite you all to come to the concerts, but also to bring the space to life. If you have an idea for a performance, have your art or publications to exhibit or something to contribute, we hand the space over to you. Let it be an experiment that will later help make an interesting and global bookfair on a larger scale.

We are also planning – and encouraging you to attend – an open general assembly about the bookfair and everything around it. Most likely, we will create a meeting space in the yard of the CRK, where anyone interested in the bookfair can attend to find out what else there is to be done and how the event can be enriched, or to join in the process with their own ideas, wants and vision.

Let’s become autonomous together and listen to some great music. See you there!

Illegibles and friends


Benefit event for the september bookfair


Centrum Reanimacji Kultury, Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 10c/d, Wrocław


5th August 2023, starting at 18:00